British designed and manufactured

Take pride in the fact that your furniture is being manufactured in the UK by our dedicated team of cabinet makers. By supporting British manufacturers you are helping to keep local business and communities thriving.

Choice and flexibility

Each and every one of our diverse designs is customisable, giving you the opportunity to furnish your interior with a piece of furniture perfectly suited to its environment. Size, finish, colour, materials and accessories can all be personalised.

Quality of materials

We use only the very best materials and components in the construction of your furniture. Wherever necessary, solid timber is used for strength and durability. We only ever include premium drawer runners, hinges and touch catches. We do not charge you extra for these luxuries - it is simply a principle of ours to supply furniture which is both a joy to use and which will stand the test of time.

Quality of manufacture.

Not only do we combine traditional manufacturing techniques with new and innovative processes and components, but we at Goodmakers instil in each and every one of our furniture makers that attention to detail is paramount, and that they should all take pride in their craft. This ensures the furniture is of the highest standard and made to last!

Passionate customer service

We strive to make sure that in every step of the process your needs are taken care of with the same attention to detail we give to making your furniture.

Fast and flexible delivery

We sympathise with the many complexities designers face during an interior design project and are therefore dedicated in offering you a flexible and efficient delivery service.

Design innovation

Here at Goodmakers we are always striving to improve and develop our furniture collection. We also believe that furniture should be so much more than simply form and function, which is why we like to include features and details which enhance the usability and overall personality of the furniture (see the Monaco and Austin coffee tables for examples of this design principle). By simply registering your contact details on our 'Price list' page you can be the first to know of any new, innovative furniture additions to our collection.

Better value

We utilise very efficient manufacturing techniques and processes which allows us to greatly reduce manufacturing costs - this saving is then passed on to you.


We make every effort to ensure the materials we source for our furniture are Forest Stewardship Council certified and are cultivated from sustainable sources. We also try to minimise waste production as much as we can by being responsible and vigilant during the machining process. Our furniture is always designed with longevity in mind – with strong and durable construction methods using high quality materials and components.

Clear communication & professionalism

We are an honest and transparent company and believe a collaborative relationship with you is crucial to making bespoke furniture a reality. We aim to make the journey from design to delivery as smooth and enjoyable as possible.